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  • I grew up on classic Sci Fi; shows like the original Star Trek, Lost In Space, Buck Rogers, Logan’s Run, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who (original & current) and Stargate SG1, to name a few. To this day I love the classics. So it’s no surprise that my writing would track along those lines. So when I created my lead character, I tried to pull in a little of Capt. Kirk, Buck Rogers, Col. Jack O’Neill, MacGyver, Indiana Jones, and Dirk Pitt  (granted the latter are not Sci Fi, but classic adventure characters. An interesting side note, my son loved to watch MacGyver, saying that his dad carried around a MacGyver knife and could fix anything). But I also tried to add a little flair of my own to our good Capt. Epsilon.

    So, who should we get to play Eps in the movie adaptation? I would love to see Richard Dean Anderson play him, but sadly, he is “out of the age range” of the character. Oddly enough, I had a hard time coming up with actors to portray Epsilon. Maybe I’m too much of stickler. OK, that’s it, I’LL play him in the movie! LOL! I probably couldn’t act my way out of a paper bag.

    Here are my top picks:

    1. Joe Flanigan
    2. Ben Browder
    3. David Boreanaz
    4. Joshua Jackson
    5. Michael Weatherly
    6. Chris O’Donnell

    Who do you think should play him in the movie? Sound off right here or in our Blog or on Facebook.

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