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  • I know what you are thinking…he’s 46…yeah right. Seriously, I was. I had never been to a Science Fiction Convention (or Con). This past weekend I popped my Con cherry with Necronomicon 2012. I have to say, it was an interesting experience. Met a bunch of nice folks, like fellow authors Nancy Cohen, Gerald Driggers, and Linnea Sinclair. Also talked to a very nice young lady named Cassandra who looked like she was 12 (but I found out later she was quite legal, whew!) who edgemecated me on medieval/fantasy royalty etiquette for my next book Stingray: Prophecy. Thanks Cass! Email me and I’ll add you to my Special Thanks page.

    We were lucky enough to have our booth next to a couple of fine folk, like Connie Hawkins from An Artist Known As Mom and Melanie Gasbarro from A Twist In Time (along with artist Rebecca Nipper, who, incidentally, modeled some vintage clothes

    There was a guy manning a booth with his mom that made some incredible props, including the hover board from Back To The Future and a couple robot props that moved and which I had absolutely no clue what they were from; nor did I have the gumption to ask.

    And, of course, there were some folks that were, well, out there…way out there…way, way, WAY out there. Obviously, didn’t get their names.

    I think the cool part was the fact that a lot of attendees dressed up for the occasion in a wide variety of costumes…a very wide variety. I made it my mission (or maybe more accurately, my wife made it my mission) to get a picture of as many as I could (no, I didn’t get a picture of the svelte lady in a Victorian corset spilling over–everywhere–that would have been rude; nor the tall leggy blonde decked out in leather corset, leather mini-skirt [and I mean MINI: came only half-way down her buttocks], leather thong, and leather boots up to her knees; besides, the dude she was with could have broken every bone in my body, so I just admired from afar). I was bummed that the Cylon (yes, with the red eye that darted back and forth) didn’t come down to our end of the room so I could get a picture with him. Also didn’t get to hook-up with Mike from Airlock Alpha; he must have been caught up with the panels he was on (either that or I’m beneath his celebrity status now. LOL).

    Looking forward to going to a couple more Cons next year including Oasis, Megacon, Necronomican again (they’re moving it back to Tampa)

    So, here are just a few pictures to share with you. Hope you enjoy.


    Watch out for “The Tail!”


    The BEAST!


    One funny Dude. Pokemon?


    So NOW we know where Chuck-E-Cheese goes on his days off!


    Hey I’m Bad Ass!  With Bad Ass Dude and Poison Ivy


    Oh, I am in so much trouble. Poison darling….


    I blinked. Noooo, not the Weeping Angel!

    Ok, so it’s quite obvious I haven’t a clue who these characters are (except I do know I got the Weeping Angel right and probably correct on the green girl being Poison Ivy).

    Feel free to correct me in the comments below. Maybe I’ll update this.

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