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  • The irritated Tonya Zeiger spent today in therapy, taking out her frustrations from the past two, not so rosy, weeks at work. I have to credit her with ninety five percent of  the demo work. We are both quite sore and, by the way, there is dust EVERYWHERE! The flooring is going down rather quickly, the time consuming part is cutting it into the door jambs and around walls. But as they say, measure twice, cut once. Or in my case, measure twice, cut once, re-measure, cut again. Repeat. Haven’t wasted any boards though.

    You will be proud of me: I nixed scope creep and we won’t be tearing apart the front closet and putting in a sliding door during this project! I feel good! La la la la!

    Amazingly, only one trip to Lowe’s and one trip to Floor And Decor. Wow.

    Sadly, one injury to report: Someone almost severed their big toe from the rest of their foot this afternoon (won’t say who). Probably will loose the nail and hope it doesn’t have to be drained as I hear that is not a pleasant experience.

    So here are the progress pictures.



    Dining Room:







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