Need a couple models

June 25, 2011By GaryStingray(2): Prophecy 4 Comments

UPDATE July 4: OK, so I should have Googled “Tarzan Jame costume” before I posted. Yikes, that is not what I was looking for 🙂 What I should have said was “Indian Squaw” or “Indian Princess” costume. Sorry. UPDATED: July 1 I’m looking for 2 models for the cover of my next book, Stingray 2 … Read More

Concept sketch for my next book

June 25, 2011By GaryStingray(2): Prophecy No Comments

I sent the awesome concept sketch for Stingray 2 (working title) over to Charles, my artist. I think I outdid myself this time. Oh, let me clarify: I sent my feeble sketch to Charles and he will make it awesome. Sorry, no sneak peak. It and the title will remain top secret for now. However, … Read More