I’m being asked everyday, “So when is Stingray: You Can’t Hide Forever being released?” So, I decided to make a blog post with my best guess. Right now, the manuscript is in the hands of my editor. As of last week, I’m next in her queue, so hopefully she is editing it right now. With that assumption (and you know what happens when one assumes), here is the timeline as best I can tell right now:

  • Mid September, right before we go on vacation: should have the edited manuscript back from my editor
  • Mid-to-late September: making changes to the manuscript (yes, while I’m on vacation – see how dedicated I am to you, my fans [and my one groupie])
  • Late September: Available for pre-order at TholianWebPublishing.com (all pre-orders will be signed copies!).
  • Beginning of October: submit for printing.
  • Early-to-mid October: available for purchase for Kindle; also should get the proof copy back from printers for approval.
  • Mid-to-late October: available for purchase for Nook and iBook.
  • Late October/early November: book launch party somewhere in Jacksonville (suggestions/offers??); Advance copies in my grubby little paws and sent out to the lucky few who get advance copies and the plethora of those who pre-ordered.
  • Mid-to-late November: Official release! YIPPEE!
  • November/December: More book signings (come on book store owners, invite me!)
  • Early January (for my birthday): Sold a million copies, have a movie deal, quit my day job and exclusively write the next adventures of Capt. Epsilon, Jessie Smythe, and the rest of Stingray’s crew for YOUR pleasure and enjoyment! Come on people, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Of course, the above is all subject to change, so be sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates; but right now I Feel Good! Da da da da! Tell your friends, your family; heck, shout it from the highest steeples (I’d say mountains, but we don’t have any here in NE Florida)!

Okay, had too much coffee this morning. Oh, and if you haven’t seen the latest trailer, click HERE!

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