Dr. Tamson Alexandria Zubreé is a stunning, fiery redhead and the younger sister of Jimmy “Crash” Zubreé. She is also the brightest and youngest physician in the known universe. Growing up she was a child prodigy, excelling at her studies in a quarter of the time it took her peers.

Besides being really cool nickname, Taz, as the crew has come to call her, is not only an acronym that has a deep personal meaning for the wife and I, but her first and middle names share that special meaning. So this nod to my wife is the next best thing for something that should’ve been but wasn’t; and I’ll leave it at that.

Taz is sassy, no doubt, which I’m sure comes from being a redhead (I’ve know a few in my time. Just saying. LOL. I love redheads; they’re incredibly sexy.) She is also one tough cookie having endured what she went through. She’s very skeptical of Epsilon almost to the point of not really trusting her. But her medical background and inquisitive nature has her intrigued as she learns more about our good Captain. Plus her older brother trusts him implicitly.

Taz has an interesting adventure coming up in the next book, Prophecy, and we’ll see a different side of her. Here are my top picks for who should play her:

  1. Molly Quinn
  2. JoAnna Garcia
  3. Karen Gillan
  4. Elyse Levesque
  5. Amanda Righetti
  6. April Jolly (April is an aspiring actress and daughter of a friend of mine)


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