Jimmy “Crash” Zubreé is the pilot of Stingray. He served with Epsilon in the past and is considered a friend of the captain. He’s kind of a skinny, lanky guy and well tanned. He definitely considers himself something of a ladies’ man. He has that Italian look with a big wide smile.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I originally wrote Crash with a totally different look and feel. About two-thirds the way through, I realized he was really similar to a pilot from another series and had to go back and rewrite him. I’m glad I did because I like this one better. Since he served with Epsilon before, he’s been in some sticky situations. He learned real quick that Epsilon is one step ahead of everyone else and when the Captain says do something, he will do it without question.

During the re-write, I didn’t really have anyone in mind that I was modeling him after, so picking an actor to play him has been a little challenging. But, here are my top picks of who should play Crash in the movie adaptation:

  1. Hayden Christianson
  2. Eddie Cahill
  3. Alessandro Nivola
  4. Milo Ventimiglia
  5. Joseph Perrino


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