• Let’s talk about Max. Just Max. LOL. I loved Doc Brown from Back To the Future and Kramer from Seinfeld series. They were fun characters that you just never knew what they were going to do or say next. Christopher Lloyd and Michael Richards were awesome that their respective characters. These two characters were the inspiration for Max and what better position to put him than Chief Engineer.

    Max starts off a little slow in this book. I had hoped to give a little more craziness to him, but it never happened. In Prophecy, I’m going to ratchet him up a notch and I’m really looking forward to writing his character. I’m not even sure that he’s sure that is his real name. I think he’s been exposed to enough radiation or whatever noxious stuff engines in the future pump out that he may have forgotten who he really is and where he is from. His off-the-wall demeanor may just be a by-product of all his tinkering in the engines and systems.

    Who would you like to see play Max in the movie adaption of the book? While I would love to see either Christopher or Michael play the part, unfortunately they are “out of the age range” (to be PC) of the character and Michael is too tall. Here are my top five picks:

    1. Michael Smithgall (His acting has mostly been theater, but I’ve known him for several years and he’s crazy! [in a good way])
    2. Jack Black
    3. David Blue
    4. Eddie McClintock
    5. Ryan Cartwright


    Who do you think should play him in the movie? Sound off right here or in our Blog or on Facebook.


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