• Hey all, sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. But I do have some exciting news. Over the course of the next four weeks I am going to blog about each of the main/minor five characters. I’ll be giving some additional insight into them (don’t worry, no spoilers for the future books in the series). If you haven’t already read Stingray: You Can’t Hide Forever, it’s not too late. You can order it at your favorite local book seller or online from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

    OK, so let’s start with Tobias “Bear” Dickee. He got his nickname because of his size. He’s a solidly built, big, bald guy. At first glance all you see is an imposing wall of muscle. Most would steer clear of him and he’s fine with that. He served with Crash and Max onboard a rebel ship. And while his presence is daunting, deep down he’s just a teddy bear. While he has no problem flexing his muscle, he’s a deep thinker, preferring to invent things and tinker. One of his gadgets does help out on one of the missions the crew undertakes. I kind of envisioned him as Q from the James Bond franchise. It will be interesting to see what neat things he comes up with in subsequent books, if he sticks around.
    Who would you like to see play Bear in the movie adaptation of the book? Here are my top five picks:

    1. Michael Clarke Duncan
    2. Michael Dorn
    3. Ving Rhames
    4. Malik Yoba
    5. Forest Whitaker

    What are your thoughts about interesting gadgets he could come up with? Should he stick around? Who do you think should play him in the movie? Sound off right here or in our Blog or on Facebook.

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