Jessie Smythe is Epsilon’s protégé and second in command. She is one of only a very few that he fully trusts. She knows most of his secrets, though she lets on that she doesn’t. That act is to throw off anyone trying to grill her for info and will take those secrets to the grave. Jess is driven on rage and revenge in this story.

Jess is a strong woman and we see that from the get go. She too served with Epsilon and knows that he has backup plans for backup plans, so leading the “enemy fleet” to him in order to get his help is a no brainer for her; she knows Eps will have a plan. He always does, doesn’t he? If I sound vague, it is on purpose because I don’t want to spoil the story for those of you who haven’t read it yet.

I hope you can see the emotional roller coaster that Jess is and has been on. And it will only get worse for her in Prophecy (oops, was that a spoiler?)

Here are my top picks for who should play her:

  1. Nikki Griffin, without a doubt (though she’d have to go long brunette)!
  2. Daniela Ruah
  3. Gabrielle Anwar
  4. Erica Cerra
  5. Kelly Monaco
  6. Lauren German


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