Kitchen Dining Floor Replacement DAY 1

May 24, 2014By GaryVarious Renovations No Comments

The irritated Tonya Zeiger spent today in therapy, taking out her frustrations from the past two, not so rosy, weeks at work. I have to credit her with ninety five percent of  the demo work. We are both quite sore and, by the way, there is dust EVERYWHERE! The flooring is going down rather quickly, the … Read More

Kitchen Dining Floor Replacement

May 22, 2014By GaryVarious Renovations No Comments

The lovely Tonya Zeiger made an executive decision that the twenty year old grodee-O beige ceramic tile that covers the floor in our kitchen, dining room, and foyer had to go. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact the it was coming up or that half the grout was missing. I’m thinking we … Read More