We Are Officially Cord Cutters

November 16, 2015By GaryVarious Other Ramblings 1 Comment

Or, to be more specific, Beam Bashers. Not that there was anything wrong with our service from DirecTV, having been with them since the early 90’s when they launched their first bird. In fact, when a hurricane passed by a few years ago, we were watching satellite during and after the storm while cable was … Read More

TV Renewals and Cancellations

January 12, 2015By GaryVarious Other Ramblings No Comments

CBS has renewed NCIS: New Orleans, Madame Secretary, and Scorpion (Yay!) USA has cancelled Covert Affairs (B00!) on a cliffhanger. Arrow will return to CW on 1/21 sans Oliver Queen. Someone else will don the green hood. Hopefully Ollie will be back otherwise, IMHO, the show is done for. 12 Monkeys premieres and Helix returns … Read More

What’s in a Label?

May 30, 2013By GaryVarious Other Ramblings No Comments

When my doctor told me I had to reduce my sodium intake or risk a stroke, the first thing that came to mind was, “No, I can’t give up my garlic sour pickles and Italian dressing!” My favorite pickle is the Ba-Tampte Garlic Pickle and according to the label, each pickle has a whopping 590 … Read More

Going Dark

March 15, 2012By GaryVarious Other Ramblings No Comments

OK people, for the next 10 days I’m unplugging and going dark on a super not-so-secret white op! That means no internet, email, cellular, subspace, or telapathetic communications. Sorry space campers, but you will have to wait until my return for the final installment of Character Discussion: Capt. Epsilon. See y’all on the flip side! … Read More