It is written that in the kingdom of Castianis’ darkest hour, with the queen on her deathbed, their defenses failing, and chaos reigning outside, the Prophecy begins: A man and a woman fall from the sky; the goddess Sophina reveals herself to a young princess and guides her to a reunion with the brother she never met; and a seed is planted for the future of both kingdoms.

Three worlds collide around Captain Reginald Epsilon as he comes face-to-face with his arch nemesis Sir Severin Greymoor. Severin has been planning this encounter for the past two years and it is not going quite to plan. Dr. Zubreé finds true love and is willing to give up everything to be with her new beau. Cmdr. Jessie Smythe fights to keep Stingray from being destroyed by Greymoor’s drones while following Epsilon’s trail. What she finds along the way will test her and Epsilon’s blossoming relationship.

Can the crew of Stingray keep themselves together while desperately trying to save the kingdoms of Castianis and Danerana from falling into a complete meltdown?

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